W I L D  W I S D O M


Wild Wisdom is a Natural Lifestyle Library & Conscious Community that inspires you to live life as nature intended. Drawing on ancient, traditional wisdom and holistic therapies, this membership-style platform incorporates all things mind, body and soul, empowering you to infuse simple practices into your life that bring about a sense of balance and connection.

Filled with mindfully designed, ever expanding collections of knowledge, this beautiful online space is a breath of fresh air, combining life-changing gems of wisdom with seriously stunning visual appeal. For modern women who want to discover a more natural, holistic approach to life, without having to leave behind their everyday lives.

With the online support and guidance of myself and the incredible like-minded women in this uplifting community, Wild Wisdom will reconnect you with yourself and the world around you, reawakening an inner knowing and desire to live a life aligned with nature.




The idea for Wild Wisdom came about because I have this LOVE for anything natural, and this burning desire to know anything and everything about holistic wellness. Although not just from the ‘modern Western’ perspective that we see most people mentioning these days- I’m talking a lot deeper than that. I have this inner pull to connect with ancient wisdom, and an incredible interest in traditional cultures and how they lived their lives in alignment with nature.

But as much as I love learning about these ideas, there’s still some concepts that freak me out a little and seem a bit ‘woo-woo’ or ‘out there’, especially in the way that they’re delivered. I’m a very visual learner, so if something doesn’t appeal to me, I’m out! When I’ve tried to research concepts myself, I’d spend so much time searching and wading through irrelevant and meaningless information, feeling frustrated and exhausted as I couldn’t find what I was looking for, or didn’t understand how to apply it to my life. I couldn’t be bothered reading long pages of in-depth information, so I’d just gloss over it all anyway in a haze of mental fatigue.

I wished for a space where all of this information was available to me in one place. A place that was not only full of mind-blowing gems, but was also beautiful enough that I actually wanted to revisit and spend time diving into. And how amazing would it be if this space had a gorgeous community of like-minded women, who could chat about how this information relates to their lives – so it becomes ‘normal’ and I don’t feel like the weirdo who’s the only one interested in this stuff?



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 This is the space and tribe for you if you want to discover more about how to live a life in alignment with nature, but don’t want to turn your whole life upside down. I’m also a ‘modern Western’ girl, and as much as I love being natural, I do not want to turn into a complete hippie and disconnect from my current world either. I’m not ready to give up the comforts of my lifestyle and trek out into the wilderness to live off the land (although this is a future dream of mine!).

I envision this platform as bridge between the two worlds.
A way to simply and easily integrate beautiful, holistic wisdom into your life so you can feel more in harmony- body, mind and soul.
I have this belief deep within me that we’re missing something.
Like the way we’re living our lives in this modern world has disconnected us from something big and incredibly wonderful that we just can’t see anymore. 
If you look at traditional cultures you’ll notice they truly had a mind-body-soul approach to life.
They were CONNECTED. To everything.
Themselves, other people, the Earth and spirit.
Unfortunately, in the hectic, busy, noisy world we live in, we’re just completely disconnected from nature. And these disconnections are leading to a whole host of issues for us these days. When we lose that connection to nature, we lose a part of ourselves.

If we could just tune into and be guided by the wisdom of these ancient therapies we would feel so much more content, fulfilled and harmonious in our lives.



I know what you’re thinking- that life is already too overwhelming and you’ve got too many things to do, so won’t this just be another one of those things?

Nope! There’s nothing worse than that horrible, emotionally draining feeling of being overwhelmed and so in over your head with responsibilities, so that’s the last thing I want you to feel! 
One of my main intentions for Wild Wisdom is to help you SIMPLIFY and declutter the unnecessary anxiety-inducing stuff in your life. We’re already CONSTANTLY flooded with a sea of information. We can’t get enough. Every moment we’re bombarded with information and subconsciously we just want to soak up as much as we can get.
Maybe you’re like me and you’ve signed up for every course you see because you think ‘this is it!’ or ‘I would LOVE to know or learn about that!’, but after the first few days the initial excitement wears off and it ends up in the never-ending ‘to-do’ pile as it’s just too much and you don’t have time to read all about it and incorporate it into your life?

I feel ya! I can’t even count the amount of courses I’ve signed up to, ebooks I’ve downloaded or Facebook groups I’ve joined after that I told myself ‘I really want to immerse myself in this one’ – but… surprise, surprise, I didn’t!

Providing you with only the bare essentials of intentionally chosen, meaningful information, I will be here to gently guide and support you to incorporate beautiful practices and rituals in your life to bring you in alignment with nature. And with your gorgeous tribe inspiring you too there’s no way you won’t want to dive deeply into this!

I’m aware of how important it is to have concepts and ideas explained to us properly, so with a background in teaching I have this way of being able to break things down so others can easily understand it. I studied Naturopathy for a year, and although I didn’t complete my degree, I learnt so much incredible information that changed my outlook on life. I’m also studying to become a Holistic Counsellor and Complementary Therapist, so the knowledge and information I give you in Wild Wisdom comes from credible sources that are in alignment with my values and beliefs.
I’ve been craving a tribe to share this passion of mine with, and I’m just bursting with excitement to share everything I know with you!





◇ You want to live a more natural lifestyle but you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information available and you don’t even know where to start

◇ You’ve wanted to learn more about holistic/alternative concepts and spirituality in the past, but it’s felt too ‘woo woo’ or ‘out there’

◇ You want to live more mindfully, intentionally and consciously but don’t want to completely overhaul your life

◇ The idea of learning new modalities interests you (maybe you’re like me and you just want to know EVERYTHING!), but you don’t want to study them in-depth or enrol in courses

◇ You’re looking for a ‘one stop shop’ to be inspired and find reliable information

◇ You want to discover how to incorporate holistic practices into your modern-day life in a realistic way

◇ You’re so busy, stressed and overwhelmed from work (maybe you own your own business) that you’ve stopped taking care of yourself

◇ You want to simplify and declutter your life so you can focus on the important things

◇ You’re on the start of, or even deep into your wellness journey

◇ You would love to cultivate a deeper connection with yourself

◇ You want to find your own natural rhythm and discover what works for you

◇ You would love to learn some beautiful self-love practices that bring you into balance and nourish your mind, body and soul

◇ You’re a coach or therapist and want to collect self-care resources for yourself and your clients

◇ You feel like you don’t have others in your life who just ‘get you’

◇ You’re craving a tribe of like-minded women to connect with who also want to live a more natural lifestyle

◇ You’re looking for encouragement, guidance and support to begin implementing changes in your life

◇ You’d love to see the world from a new perspective, finding beauty in the little things and becoming more grateful for all you have in your life

◇ You’re ready to create a life you love! 




Signing up to Wild Wisdom allows you to become part of something special. Not only will you have instant access to the Natural Lifestyle Library, but you’ll also be invited to join a Conscious Community of amazing women who, just like you, are also making positive shifts towards living life as nature intended.

Inside the Wild Wisdom Natural Lifestyle Library are simple yet beautiful collections of knowledge on a whole range of holistic concepts. Think Colour Therapy, The Chakra System, Crystal Healing, The Lunar Cycle, Flower Healing, Essential Oils, The Mind-Body Connection, and Natural Beauty, just to name a few. Fresh content will be continuously added, including worksheets, videos and tutorials on how to incorporate new practices into your life, all of which will be available to you whenever you feel called to dive into it!

As a member of Wild Wisdom, you’ll also gain exclusive access to our Facebook community ‘The Wild Ones’, where you can connect with the other gorgeous women in the tribe. Within this space you’ll feel inspired, empowered and uplifted by the energy of the group, as well as being able to connect with me to ask any questions or share your stories and exciting ‘aha’ moments. This is incredible value in itself- consider it as ongoing coaching and support with me in a group setting. You’ll also be invited to join live group calls so you can interact with myself and the other women and discuss how you’ve been incorporating your new practices into your life.