Purchasing a domain name and website hosting are both necessary for you to be able to have a WordPress website. Below I will give you steps on how to get both, with my own personal recommendations on which companies to purchase them through.

You can choose to have your domain name and your website hosting with the same company, however it’s not necessary and you can use different companies for both. It might seem easier to keep them in the one place, which it can be, however mine are separate and it works fine, so it’s just about personal preference!

Some hosting companies offer a free domain name when you sign up with them, so I would research your hosting options first, before deciding where to purchase your domain name.

domain name

Your domain name is the name of your website: for example, my domain name is

If you are Australian, you can choose to purchase, but this costs a little more as you have to add on GST. Usually you’ll have to pay to renew your domain name every couple of years.

Purchasing a domain name:

I recommend GoDaddy. Check to see if your ideal domain name is available by going here.

If it’s available, purchase it! :)

If your ideal domain name is taken, don’t stress, you could always add a different extension such as .co or .net – you will be given suggestions on GoDaddy.

website hosting

I highly recommend using SiteGround. I use them myself and have especially found their support excellent! They have a live chat box, and everyone has been so helpful and attentive whenever I’ve needed to ask questions there. I think this is a really important service, as with my previous hosting company I had experienced issues several times and was so frustrated by spending hours upon hours waiting on their live chat, and not getting the help I needed.

With hosting, it’s sometimes the case of ‘you get what you pay for’- so if you’ve found other sites that are super cheap, there’s probably a reason why. Your hosting is where all your files and your website lives, so you want to use a reliable company because otherwise it could result in your website having lots of issues or downtime (when it doesn’t load, which you don’t want as some visitors might go to view your site but instead find a blank page).

Purchasing WordPress Hosting:

– Go to this page here.

– Select the plan you want- if you’re starting out, the StartUp Plan should be sufficient, and you can always upgrade to the next plan, GrowBig if you decide you want to down the track.

– If you’ve already purchased your domain name through GoDaddy, you don’t have to add that into your plan, but if you want to purchase it with SiteGround, make sure you add it into your plan (you’ll see a box to tick).

– You can choose whether to purchase your plan for 12, 24 or 36 months- the longer the plan, the better the deal, and it also means less hassle for you to not have to make earlier repayments, but it’s up to you which you go for.