The colour of an amethyst druse; protecting and purifying. Violet inspires the mystic; assisting psychic endeavours and enhancing meditation. On the physical plane, violet fights infections, eases pain, and heals mental imbalances.

General: Purifying, antiseptic, balancing
Physical: To treat brain disorders; over active kidneys; menstrual pain; bleeding; haemorrhaging; eyes; nervous headache; migraine; acne; skin blemishes; scarring; psoriasis; neuralgia; tumours; scalp problems; menopause; spleen; cancerous conditions; cirrhosis; eliminate hunger; muscle relaxant; purifying; sedative
Emotional: Encourages self love; dignity; heals heart ache
Intellectual: Encourages stability; self respect; calming; relaxation; eases insomnia; mental disorders; amnesia; encourages philosophical pursuits
Spiritual: Psychic ability; inspiration; intuition; divine understanding; meditation; to increase humility; past life access; spiritual strength; spiritual pursuits