So, you may have noticed that I haven’t been making myself visible lately, or wondering why I seemed to have dropped off the face of the Earth over the past month or so.
Sorry, I haven’t been purposely neglecting or ignoring you, but the truth is I needed to take some time off from my business for myself, because…


After a super short 8 week engagement, Mitch and I decided to combine our engagement party and wedding, and surprise our families and closest group of friends in a chilled out, relaxed ceremony at his grandparents’ beautiful property in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. 

And we could not be happier with how our special day turned out!

Basically, we didn’t want to put the pressure or stress on ourselves to create an elaborate, expensive, conformist or competitive wedding. Neither of us wanted traditional, and in the end we just wanted to spend a beautiful day with our closest friends and family, in a casual, relaxed setting, where everyone could just let go and feel free to enjoy themselves! No formalities or time restraints, just an evening of eating, drinking, chatting and dancing.
Our three main ‘musts’ were good food, good music, and good company, and everything else just flowed from there. 
We decided to keep it a surprise and not announce it as a wedding, as we didn’t want the opinions of everyone else overshadowing our own. Sometimes too many ideas and attitudes creates stress and overwhelm, and you forget what you truly want. Mitch and I both had a vision of what we wanted to create, so we trusted that we could pull it together ourselves (with the help of a few special family members). I’m a very visual person and am all for a gorgeously decorated atmosphere, so even though we wanted a relaxed party, I didn’t want to scrimp on making it the most beautiful setting I could.
Sure it was hard sometimes to keep it from friends and family, and sometimes I started to feel engulfed by the stress of it all, but in the end it was perfect for us.
When we first started to plan our wedding, I came across this quote from the website of our fabulous photographer, Katherine Wilson:

“I’d like to suggest that your wedding day while incredible, may not the most important day of your life.
Whoa. Back up there. Are you serious?

I’d like to suggest that your life is FULL of important days, and important people, and important moments.”

This message right here is what kept me sane and grounded.
It reminded me to stay connected to the real reason and importance of the whole day- that I was marrying the most special man in my life in front of the people who meant the most to me.
I did not want to be one of the girls who got caught up in the drama and the hype of it all, or get worked up over the smallest of meaningless things. One who stressed for months or years about it all, and let the pressure of ONE day take over my life and drain my energy.
Yes, I wanted my wedding day to be gorgeous and totally amazing, but most importantly, I wanted it to be fun, and carefree, for not just myself but for Mitch and all of our guests.
Sometimes big days come with big expectations, which changes the whole vibe and dynamic of the event, and unfortunately you can end up losing its true meaning.
This day was a celebration of our love, not a Pinterest competition.
It was simple yet beautiful, and wholeheartedly us.
In Mitch’s words, we were “kicking the tradition of doing things for traditions’ sake”.
There are particular traditional wedding elements that really didn’t align with us, or the feel we wanted to create for the day, so we decided not to include them.
We didn’t want to have a sit down, formal meal. So we didn’t.
We didn’t want to disappear for 2 hours to have photos taken, cut a cake in front of everybody, have a first dance, or throw my beautiful bouquet into the crowd.
So we didn’t.
See where I’m going with this?
There are no rules. Do what you want.
Maybe you love a traditional wedding with all the trimmings, and that’s totally ok too! What works for one person doesn’t necessarily mean it works for another. There are no rights or wrongs, just go with whatever suits you. 
In our case, we didn’t want traditional, it just isn’t us, so we weren’t going to change who we were or what we wanted just to please everyone else.


Live your life the way YOU want to. 

No matter what it is, whether it’s your wedding day, another event in your life, or just even making seemingly insignificant choices in your day-to-day life, regardless of what anyone else thinks, do what you want.
Take the pressure off yourself to try to please everyone else, and focus on the things that make you happy.
You don’t need heaps of ‘stuff’ or a million different meticulously planned out elements to make your day. I’m not saying that you can wing absolutely everything in your life and get away with it, but sometimes when we over-plan, we get too attached to the outcome, and freak out when things aren’t working the exact way we had imagined them to. We lose the spontaneity and fun, and we stop living in the moment as we’re too focused on what should be happening instead.
Let go and live a little. 
And most of all, give yourself a break. Don’t cram so much into your days so you feel stressed and overwhelmed. To stop myself turning into a crazy mess, I needed to take a step back from my business, and barely went near my emails or social media, and that’s ok. I was already overloaded with enough things on my plate, so I gave myself permission to switch off from everything else for a couple of weeks to help me feel calm and get excited for my day to come.
At the end of it all, the most meaningful compliment we could have received (and which we did from so many of our guests), was that the whole event was just so US.
Knowing that we pulled the day off, without pretending to be anyone else but ourselves, was such a special gift.
And wouldn’t it be amazing if we could all lives our lives by this.


I’ve had lots of people asking me where we sourced everything from, so in case you were wondering, here it is!

✧ Our absolutely stunning photos were taken by the amazing Katherine Wilson.

✧ My gorgeous flowers, including my bouquet, flower crown, and entrance and hanging installations, are by my beautiful friend Brittany from Foxglove & Wildflower.

✧ The incredible, show-stopping tipi’s, lighting and fireplace are from KataLane.

✧ My beautiful dress is from Grace Loves Lace.

✧ Our fun-loving, heartfelt celebrant was the lovely Nina de Borde.

✧ For dinner, we served delicious Paella from Ola Lola.

✧ I did my own hair and make-up, usually only natural and organic products, inspired and taught by the gorgeous Emmily Banks from Depths of Beauty, but I’ll save that for another post!

I could not speak anymore highly of every single one of these vendors- they were truly magnificent and all played a massive part in making our day so special!
Thanks guys!

And so, with this new chapter in my life, comes a new name- Heidi Rose– and oh, do I love it!

I’m excited to announce that my website has now moved to
On Instagram, you can now find me as
(seems this new name is a lot more popular than my old one!)
I am still in the process of changing my email address, but in the meantime you can still reach me at


  1. Naomi Arnold

    A HUGE congratulations to you Heidi. How very exciting! Thank you for sharing the day with us in this way – and oh my what stunning photos, a beautiful atmosphere, and a gorgeous bride. Much love to you x

    • Heidi

      Thank you so much Naomi! So kind of you :) xx

  2. Frances wrigley

    What a beautiful story heidi , so happy for you and mitchxx

    • Heidi

      Aw thank you Frances!! xx

  3. Jess

    So beautifully written, Heids. Xx

    • Heidi

      Thanks babe!! xx

  4. Jae

    Ahhh! So glad you did a blog wrap up. It truly was the most magical day and such a perfect celebration of you guys as a couple. So grateful I got to be a part of it. Love you so much beautiful girl x

    • Heidi

      Thanks lovely, so happy you were there to celebrate with us! x

  5. Renae

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEK! Absolutely gorgeous my love and what a beautiful message to share. So glad you did things ‘your way’ xxx

    • Heidi

      Thanks lovely!!! So am I :D xxx

  6. Suzanne

    Congratulations. A beautiful blog and inspiration! x

    • Heidi

      Thank you Sue!! x

  7. Jade

    Oh beautiful one, I’m sending a million more congratulatory hugs your way. What a gorgeous day! And the name – LOVE IT! xx

    • Heidi

      Thanks so much Jade!!! :) xx

  8. Kate Caddle

    Beautiful Heidi! Congratulations! I love how you spoke about just living your life how you want to live it. Making your own rules and choosing to do what you want to for your own reasons. I’ve also love the idea of a surprise wedding, it’s so amazing to see you pull it off so beautifully!
    Enjoy your newlywed bliss xo

    • Heidi

      Thank you SO much Kate!! :) So happy it resonated with you! xx

  9. Eden

    Stunning images, lovely lady! Your day looks like it was simply perfect! All the very best wishes for you and Mitch xxxx

    • Heidi

      Thank you SO much Eden!! Hope you’ve been really well xxx


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