The past few days I was feeling a little sorry for myself, as I kept seeing posts from some lovely ladies from my Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy course who were jet setting off to beautiful Bali for the week for an Inspiration Day run by the Academy. I was annoyed with myself for not saying yes months earlier when tickets for the event were available- as I had no idea what would be going on in my life that far in advance- and the tickets actually ended up selling out pretty quickly- surprise, surprise!

So, of course, I sneakily looked up flights, thinking I was putting my mind at ease and proving to myself that it would either be too expensive or there were no seats left on any suitable flights.
What I didn’t expect was to see super cheap flights flash up on my laptop screen! 
Uh oh, what had I done!
Now I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and the wishing continued.
I kept telling myself things like, ‘no you can’t go, we don’t have the money, you just got married and weren’t even able to go on a honeymoon’. I half-heartedly mentioned it in a message my husband, Mitch, who told me to go if I wanted, but I didn’t want to push it or stress him out, so I left it at that.
Over the next couple of days, little signs from the Universe kept popping up (particularly some incredible messages from an inspiring documentary and a book I devoured- which I’ll be posting about soon), and I started to notice more people who were going, and who were convincing me to join them. I’d fallen deep and was feeling so called to go.
So this time I had a ‘serious’ chat with Mitch about it- but throughout the whole conversation I was basically searching for reasons for him to talk me out of it, as I felt guilty that I would get to go away for a week, while he had to stay at home and work. My argument basically consisted of ‘we can’t afford it’, as I knew we weren’t really in the best position to be spending money on a holiday right now.
Something I find myself struggling with is having internal battles over money, which I’m really trying to break through by having an abundant mindset, and not letting money restrict me. I remind myself that money is just energy, and it does not define you, so keeping this in mind I allow myself to enjoy my life and use my money for things that light me up and nourish me. I certainly don’t live beyond my means and blow all our money on ridiculous things, but I’m aware that I need to invest in myself and my own self-care.
My speech was weak, as my head was filled with opposing opinions. 
Lucky for me, Mitch saw right through my argument, and kept pushing me to go.
“I see the value in it for you” he’d say. “What you’ll gain out of going far outweighs the cost of it. I know it will be good for your soul.”
That’s right.
It’s something I needed to do for my SOUL.
I’ve had a hectic few months, and it’s time to come back down to Earth.
Time to treat myself and celebrate all the amazing things I have achieved in my life over the past year.
Time to take for ME.
I deserved this.
Mentally, emotionally and physically I have felt drained. I haven’t switched off in awhile, and I realised it’s time to really practice what I preach and let go of everything that’s been causing me stress.
Time to start fresh again.
I see this trip as the ultimate way to rest and feel reinvigorated and rejuvenated.
I can’t make it to the event, but I’ve been longing to catch up and connect with like-minded souls, to feel inspired by all the amazing things they’re doing in the world. I’ve been longing to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin, to fill up my body with nourishing foods, unwind into some yoga poses each day, and invest in natural therapies and massages to help relax my tired muscles.
All things that I have allowed to slip away from me recently.
Let this trip be the spark that reignites my passion to wholeheartedly nurture my body, mind and spirit for when I return.
I reflected once more.
Would it be good for my soul?
Would it revitalise and inspire me?
Would it make me happy and fill me up?
Hell yes!
So it was settled- I bought my tickets, and boy does it feel good!
I might be travelling over there by myself, exploring alone until I meet up with some friends, but I realised something important- I’m not just going for me. 
Part of the reason I’m going is for YOU. Everything I do in my life, and the way that I put my whole self into my business is because I want to give the absolute best of me to you. 
If I don’t take care of myself first, then I’m most definitely not serving anyone else. What help am I to anyone if I’m feeling ‘blah’ and uninspired?
Sometimes we need that little reminder to do something nurturing for ourselves. 
To treat ourselves, and to indulge in rituals that fill us up. Remember that they not only benefit you, but all those who surround you as well.
If you feel the call to do something loving for yourself, then what are you waiting for? I’m not saying you need to splurge on an overseas plane ticket, or buy something extravagant, but it’s so important to allow yourself to invest in the things that make you happy. What’s the point in living your life with a pile of money saved up if you don’t do anything with it to make you feel good?
I recently saw a sign in my chiropractors office that said “Good health doesn’t cost, it pays.”
And I couldn’t imagine a more fitting statement than this. 
Invest in yourself, lovely. As my husband reminded me, the benefits far outweigh the monetary cost.
I’d love to hear your thoughts and recommendations!
Food, yoga, massages, walks… share your experiences in the comments below, or send me an email or Facebook message!


  1. Robyn

    So happy you are doing it for you…….and what a beautiful husband! xx

    • Heidi

      Thanks Robyn! I know, I’m so lucky :) xx

  2. Jae

    Best husband EVER! (Love you Mitchy). I’m so proud of you for owning your worth Heids – you are obviously being called over there because there’s something waiting for you and I can’t wait to hear all about it! Have the most amazing time, and you guys are totally #relationshipgoals. x

    • Heidi

      Hehe!! Thanks beautiful!! xx


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