I created this guide for YOU.

Because I know what it’s like to live a life that’s not completely fulfilling. 
Maybe from the outside your life seems amazing, and for the most part, it is. But there’s just SOMETHING always there, a niggling issue (whether physical, mental or emotional) that’s causing you pain and discomfort, or the sense that something’s missing. You feel stuck and you know deep down that something in your life just isn’t right, so you’re always craving more.
I understand what it feels like to want a better life for yourself.
One that’s aligned with what YOU truly believe in and are passionate about.
Filled with freedom- without the stress, worries or responsibilities that take over your life.
But whatever you seem to do, or however hard you try to create this life for yourself, it just doesn’t work. You want to change, but every time you attempt to you just end up feeling disappointed in yourself that you’ve ‘failed’ once again.
If you keep finding yourself in this place, then obviously something isn’t working.
It’s time to try a different approach. To open your mind and change your perspective.
And that’s where ‘be.’ comes in.
I designed this guide to help you cultivate an awareness around the things you wish to release, and unearth the reasons as to why you’re holding on, so you can truly let go and be free. So you can reconnect with your natural way of being.
To help you recognise that you, and only you are responsible for your own life, and to understand how immensely powerful and influential your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions are.
I see so many amazing women, full of passion, creativity, natural talent and beautiful visions for their lives, but who aren’t living and being their most desired version of themselves because something is holding them back. Something they’re not even aware of, or that they’re not sure how to break through, or where to even begin. This is for those women, because I truly want everyone to be able to let go of everything that is no longer serving them so they can be happy and live a life that lights them up.
This ebook is a summary of my own personal insights, research and study from the past few years of my life. I’ve learnt so much, especially about myself, and I’m extremely fascinated about the power of our minds, so I want to share what I know with you in a simple, easily digestible and practical way.
I want you to expand your awareness and be able to apply this information to your life, so you can start making positive changes.
Many moments in my life have sparked certain realisations, or changed my perspective on things. I remember an a-ha moment I had in a psychology class a couple of years ago, when I was studying to become a naturopath. I don’t remember the exact exercise we were doing, but we had to write down the negative thoughts we had about ourselves, and break it down until we discovered what we truly believed about ourselves. I remember my answer being ‘I’m not good enough’, and when my teacher walked around the room, keen to read our answers, he looked at mine and said ‘classic.’
It really hit me. There is so much beneath the surface controlling our lives than we can even comprehend and aren’t consciously aware of.
Having that realisation then really helped me to understand why I don’t go through with creating the things that I most want in my life, because deep down I’m worried I’ll fail or people won’t like me, because… “I’m not good enough”. And even more interesting is that I’ve discovered through so many of my clients that this is the exact same reason why they’re holding themselves back too.
Something as seemingly insignificant as being a serial procrastinator actually stemmed from wanting validation from others due to the belief that “I’m not good enough”. I would think I didn’t know enough to complete any work myself, or that I would do it wrong, so while procrastinating was painful and stressful, I realised I subconsciously kept doing it because it allowed me to spend time with someone else (usually Mum!) as they’d jump in to help me when I’m struggling at the last minute and make me feel better about myself.
Maybe you’re feeling upset, insecure, angry, frustrated, alone, anxious, under pressure, abandoned, scared, unsure, confused, lost, helpless, hurt, rejected, unloved, unsettled or unworthy. The list goes on and on and on. This is just a handful of feelings that my clients have experienced in their lives, and that they wanted to release.
Know that if you’re feeling these negative emotions, you too can let them go.
It’s time to get back in tune with yourself. To recognise what you want, and how you want to feel.
No more judging, criticising, comparing and doubting yourself.
No more trying to please everyone else, seeking validation and acceptance from them and worrying about what they think of you.
No more feeling stressed and overwhelmed.
Make space for love and acceptance from yourself.
Restore balance and harmony in your life.