So, as you know, last week I flew off for a week in Bali to relax, unwind and rejuvenate. I also had the intention of getting a bit of work done, as I thought I would be flooded with inspiration and need to pour my thoughts out into my laptop.

Unfortunately, I hit a bit of a snag along the way.
On the second day of being there, we were feeling exhausted after having walked around all day in the heat, so all I wanted to go was go home and chill out. When I returned to our villa I dragged a chair outside to just sit and soak up my surroundings. After literally about two minutes of switching off and taking in the beauty around me, I was instantly filled with inspiration for my life, my business, and the direction I want to take it. Most importantly, I was experiencing how important and freeing it is to let everything go and just ‘be’, and how I wanted to share this message with the world.
After scribbling all of my thoughts down in my journal, I tried to sit back and soak everything in again, but I was itching to get it typed straight up into my laptop. I went inside and grabbed it, but it wouldn’t turn on, so assuming the battery was just dead I plugged it in and waited a few minutes before I tried again.
Completely dead.
So I left it even longer.
And again, absolutely nothing.
At this point I was feeling really frustrated and upset as I was worried it was broken and I didn’t want to lose everything that’s on there.
To try and get my mind off it, Hazel and I went out exploring, and I was hoping that by the time I came back it would all be good.
It really got to me this time. I had so many wonderful plans to complete my first ebook while over there, but that idea just went straight out the window, and now I was uncertain if I’d forever lost all the hard work I’d put into it. Stressed out that it would cost me lots of money to either get it fixed or have to buy a new one, I had a little cry. I also ‘had to’ get my next interview prepared, write a blog post, and schedule a newsletter to be sent out on the Friday, only a few days away. All which could only be done from my own computer. I didn’t want to let anyone down, disappoint people, or look unprofessional.
After pulling myself together a bit, Hazel simply said to me “maybe this is a sign from the Universe that you need to switch off!”
That was the best thing I had ever heard!
As soon as she said those words to me, I instantly felt better. More calm, and at peace with the fact that I wouldn’t be able to ‘work’, and instead embraced that fact that I had no choice but to switch off and have fun.
Terrible, right?

Sometimes you just have to go with it.

Resistance was pointless. Crying about it and getting myself worked up was not bringing my laptop back to life, it was only making me more stressed and taking away from my beautiful holiday. The total opposite effect that I wanted this trip to have!
I decided to embrace the situation. To not use much technology (I still had my phone, but very limited wifi), and just enjoy being there. Wasn’t that the whole point in going there in the first place?
My eyes had been opened and I reminded myself that I was in the most beautiful place. MY kind of place. Palm trees, lush green life everywhere, amazing food, warm days and balmy nights. What more could you want? Total bliss, and it was time to fully immerse myself in it.
Then I had another realisation- who said I “have to” do all these things for work anyway?
I was the only one putting pressure and expectations on myself. I decided the emails and blogs could wait. They weren’t going anywhere, they would just be a few days late. And it turns out that most people were happier with it being that way anyway, rather than knowing I was stressing out on my time away.
So, it turned out that my laptop not working was the best thing that could have happened to me over there! 
Looking back, I thought it was funny that the very reason I decided to pick up my computer to do work that day was because I wanted to type up messages about disconnecting and switching off.
Ironic, really.
I was reminded of the quote by John Lennon
‘Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.’
Sometimes things don’t go to plan. Don’t fight it. Trust the unknown, go with the flow and enjoy the ride.
Is there something that’s stressing you out or making you frustrated at the moment because you can’t change it?
 If so, take a few deep breaths, sit in stillness, and just trust that everything will work out. Remind yourself that everything happens for a reason. It might be hard at this stage, but see if you find any messages hiding in this situation, or ask yourself ‘what can I learn from this?’ 
When you accept the fact that sometimes there’s nothing you can do about a certain situation, and instead just simply let it be, you’ll feel free. As though a weight has lifted off your shoulders. Stop carrying unnecessary burdens around with you, they’re only weighing you down and holding you back, which stops you from moving forward or feeling happy. When you release them, and take the pressure off yourself, your mind is open to new ways of thinking, and before you know it a new answer may be revealed to you.
When I accepted the fact that I couldn’t fix my computer and I wouldn’t be able to do much work, my mind felt more free, more calm, and as I soaked up inspiration around me, my creativity blossomed and I was filled with so many more exciting ideas!
Trust me, it works.
And do you know what the most hilarious thing is?
One of the first things that my husband did when I got home was plugged in my laptop. After awhile, when the green light appeared, showing it was fully charged, he pressed the power button.
I think I agree with what Hazel said to me days earlier, “maybe that’s why you needed to come to Bali”.
Bali needed me to disconnect for awhile.
And for that, I’m truly thankful. I learnt a really beautiful lesson that I will never forget.

Heidi x


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