Today is my 27th birthday, and as I’m lucky enough to be away up the coast with my hubby, all I wanted was to soak up the sun and relax on the beach to celebrate being alive! It’s also the 7th year in a row where I haven’t spent my birthday at home in Sydney with friends and family.

I’m a HUGE lover of Summer, and only ever want to feel warm, but I was feeling a little disappointed today as it was unfortunately just a little too warm… a whopping 43 degrees!!! Apparently it was almost (by only one degree) the hottest EVER day on record in the coastal town of Crescent Head where we wanted to spend the day. It was wayyy too hot to even go to the beach, so I was feeling pretty sad and sorry for myself, but Mitch just kept telling me to let go of my expectations of what I wanted the day to be like and just enjoy whatever came along.

So we drove even further up to coast and sat in the car all day where it was cooler so we could explore a some more, and got to check out potential towns to move to in the future. We also attempted to see a movie to escape the heat but left before it even started because the air con was broken and it was almost as hot inside!

It wasn’t until 5pm when it cooled down enough (to about 35 degrees!) to get outside but we finally made it to the beach at South West Rocks and I was super happy to jump in the ocean!

After dinner and drinks with my man and putting things into perspective, I’m feeling pretty grateful to be here and am loving the life I’ve created for myself.

My 26th year was incredible, and I’m looking forward to my 27th being just as amazing!


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