“Allow people to be any way they want to be”

Incredible words from the AMAZING ‘Releasing your expectations of others’ podcast I listened to this morning by Connie Chapman. I’d heard from a few people that this episode was a good one so I just had to listen to it and I’m really happy I did- I feel like things have shifted for me! I’d definitely recommend having a listen.

Expectations are just mental ideas that we create in our mind of how we believe something SHOULD be. They’re a form of control, and we create them so we can feel happy and safe when others play by our rules. Really, we expect others to act in certain ways so we can feel a certain way when they do so, and when they don’t it can leave us feeling disappointed and hurt.

Think about all the relationships you haven in your life- not only romantic ones, but friendships and family members too. What do you expect of them? Then really think about how you want to feel when they do what you want. Instead of waiting for the other person to do something to bring about that feeling within you, why don’t you create it on your own?

This photo is typically us. Me looking pretty in my photoshoot outfit, and Mitch wearing his Uncle Bob’s Jug Band singlet from the Tamworth Country Music Festival from a few years ago (ha!). The majority of the time you can find him in daggy clothes like these (although he does scrub up pretty well when he wants to!) and running around playing with our dogs.  As much as I might want to change this, I know I can’t take the country out of the man, and I let him live the way he wants to live because that’s his personality and that’s what lights him up.

Instead of getting frustrated or annoyed about the way others are, let’s be grateful for the amazing people we have in our lives. Enjoy the company of your loved ones without expecting anything from them in return.


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