Body Love Meditation

‘Body Love’ meditation is designed to help you cultivate a deep sense of love and acceptance for yourself, just as you are right now. We tend to criticise our bodies and pay too much attention to the parts we dislike, yet we rarely take the time to appreciate how absolutely incredible our bodies are, and the ways in which they serve us and allow us to experience life. This uplifting meditation will leave you feeling empowered, inspired and beautifully radiant, with the knowing that you are enough. Featuring soulful music by Sonesence.



Love Notes

Hi, Fan Girl Alyssa here. HEIDI!!! The meditation is incredible. Good Gosh. I listened to it at work so another girl was listening in that hates meditations, can't do it blah blah blah... I asked her what she thought and she just looked at me and said... I feel really... free... and her voice is amazing. Like really amazing. So from a meditation hater- you got a big thumbs up!

But from me! It's honestly amazing- you should be so proud of yourself. The quality is so professional. The scripting is perfect. I haven't done any other body love meditations before so I don't really have comparison- but going through and being thankful for things like my nose and mouth? Just gorgeous... they are truly things we just take for granted!! I'm honestly just blown away by it. I cannot wait to buy the others!


I took the girls through your meditation and it seriously was one of the best ones I've ever done. Your voice is stunning, the music was bliss and the thing I loved the most were your words. It made me really emotional in a good way. When it finished I asked the girls how they found it and so many of them felt the same as me. Thank you for sharing that with me, you definitely have a gift!

Oh Heidi! I just did your meditation and it's incredible! You can feel your wisdom and nurturing spirit the entire time, you have such a soothing yet inspiring voice and the production quality is superb. I really need some new meditations to get me back into it, and yours are perfect. I'm so proud and inspired seeing all the beautiful work you're doing!


Listening to Heidi's meditation I immediately had a sense of calm come over me. Heidi's voice is soothing and encouraging and it feels like you are floating when listening to her meditations. The body love meditation left me feeling more at ease and with a new sense of gratitude for my body.

I absolutely loved your Body Love meditation. It was so gentle and powerful and really led me to deep peace and acceptance in a beautiful way. Well done you on creating this beautiful piece and thank you for sharing it so generously.