Orange encourages us to release our emotions, fears and inhibitions. It brings forth emotional warmth and a joy of life; strengthening relationships and rejuvenating friendships. Orange is a tonic for our body, as it warms, restores and encourages a gentle flow of movement and strengthens our body’s resistance to infections.

General: Social; emotions; relationships; tonic; releasing; opening
Physical: Heals the digestive system; spleen; metabolic system; pancreas; stomach; intestines; torn ligaments; infertility; kidneys; broken bones; runny nose; anorexia; menopause; menstrual problems; lung ailments; epilepsy; rheumatism; cramps; heart disease; raises blood pressure; muscular system; elimination system; head cold; underactive thyroid; bronchitis; gallbladder; kidney stones; ovarian cyst; fibroids; to increase appetite; increases intake of oxygen
Emotional: Alleviates depression; self pity; removes fears; to treat shock and grief; rejuvenating; brings joy; encourages self worth; joy of life; happiness; pleasure; sensuality; encourage connection to emotions; warming; passion; sociable
Intellectual: Practical creativity
Spiritual: Creativity; rejuvenates the aura