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Coaching with Heidi was a truly magical experience. Her thoughtfulness and attention to detail meant the coaching series was tailored beautifully to suit me and my goals. She offered love, encouragement and endless support as well as powerful strategies for shifting my mindset and behaviours.

With Heidi, I learnt how to channel my creative energy in productive ways that fulfil me and my purpose on this earth and transform my relationship with my body to one of respect, joy and unconditional love. Under her guidance, I was able to flourish and achieve more than I ever thought possible.

Her patience, insight and ability to hold space leaves you feeling not only heard but totally understood. She knew what I was trying to say before I had even said it and she offered new perspectives on things I had been struggling with my whole life. After every session I walked away feeling empowered, inspired and like I could take on the world. Heids, thank you for the time and energy you continue to invest in me, our series together completely changed the course of my life and for that I will be forever grateful.

My coaching experience with Heidi was uplifting, amazing and inspiring! Coming into our series, I was developing a deep sense of self assurance and working on being non-reactive to external influences. My inner world has seen the most change which has had a ripple effect onto my outer world, and I am now better able to understand my emotions, thoughts and feelings and therefore take the space required to process. I now know that I have the power inside of me to live the life of my dreams, and my loved ones have noticed that I’m a lot calmer, and have an energy of encouragement and positivity. I absolutely appreciate your non-judgemental and kind nature. You allowed me the space to talk things out and process. I found you to be extremely supportive and reflective in your words, and your open ended questions really caused me to stop and think about a few things from a different perspective. I have loved, loved, loved our time together and will take the learnings moving forward. I truly believe that change is an ongoing process however you have truly set me on the path to self-actualisation xx

I have absolutely LOVED my coaching sessions with Heidi, she is really gifted and meant to be in this role. Her natural warm-hearted personality, knowledge and passion shines throughout her work, she is so supportive, and is always real and speaks her truth. I always felt safe during our sessions, which helped me achieve so much in such a short time. Heidi taught me a lot that I still use in everyday life, such as setting more meaningful goals and not putting so much pressure on myself. She always believes in me and showed support and guidance when I felt like giving up. So grateful for this experience as I’m now living a loving life rather then in fear and insecurities. I can’t thank Heidi enough for all her help. Rach xx


Having Heidi as my coach was an amazing experience. The energy I received after every session was so empowering and motivating- I felt like I could conquer the world and tackle whatever obstacles would come at me. I was encouraged by the way Heidi has put herself out there doing what she loves, and radiating positivity and happiness. She gave me the courage to step way out of my comfort zone and question a lot of areas in my life for the better. I had never felt so accomplished and accountable to myself as I did throughout our coaching series. Thank you so much for opening up my world to coaching. I loved the whole experience and truly value the time you gave me to focus on my goals and really go for it!


 mind detox

Before our Mind Detox session I was feeling nervous, doubtful and fearful about fully showing up in my business. I was holding myself back from doing what I truly wanted to because I was afraid of being judged, shut down or going unheard and unseen. I now feel a new confidence and inner strength that I lacked before. I knew it was there deep down inside but now it feels like I’m ready to shine!
I had SO many huge realisations about my past patterns and beliefs that I’ve been holding onto for years. Now that I have that awareness and have started to heal them, I can move forward with more confidence and ease knowing that these patterns no longer control me. I definitely feel my business will thrive more after our session because I’ve let go of so many past beliefs and gained a new perspective that has me feeling confident, clear and deserving of success.
You are so incredibly amazing at what you do and you made me feel safe, supported and encouraged during the whole process. I really believe that your loving nature, intuition and supportive presence made the whole experience a game changer for me. Thank you!!!

If you have experienced trauma and you feel like you are ready to let go of the pain these experiences have caused you so you can move forward in areas of your life that you have been holding back in, then I highly recommend doing some Mind Detox sessions with Heidi.
I let go of some painful experiences from my past which now don’t impact me emotionally like they used to. This has supported me to love myself even more and dive deeper into my daily self-care & soul-care practices. I’m now able to stop more, to flow more with what is happening in my life, and not push myself so hard to achieve my goals. I surrender and trust that what I desire will all unfold and happen as it’s supposed to.
Thank you Heidi, I really appreciate your care and how you held space for me to release what I needed to.

My Mind Detox session with Heidi brought about an incredible realisation as to why I can’t ‘walk my talk’. What I thought was just the case of me being lazy and making excuses, was actually so far deeper entrenched in my mind than I could have ever imagined. Little things in my life that at the time seemed so small and insignificant have actually played a much larger part in who I am today and why I am the person I am. Through my session with Heidi, I truly learnt to let go of what has been holding me back. I instantly felt lightness, calm and ease seep through my body and I felt filled with a warmth and just overall sense of happiness and wellbeing. It was like that feeling after having a full body massage at an amazing day spa where your whole body and mind feels so completely relaxed. I was in a state of Bliss. I still am. I honestly feel amazing.

Heidi made me feel so incredibly comfortable and safe during this session and even though we were on Skype and not in the same room as each other it still felt so very personal and intimate. I would absolutely recommend Heidi as a Mind Detox practitioner to anyone that was interested in giving this a go. She is such a beautiful soul and her smile will instantly make you feel at ease and that you are in a safe place to discuss whatever your innermost thoughts and fears are that you want to let go of.


Emily loved her Mind Detox experience so much that she even wrote a blog about it!

Before my Mind Detox series, I just didn’t feel like my life was flowing. I was doing things more out of fear or because I felt I had to and I wasn’t listening to myself. This process was an amazing way to really delve into my subconscious and find out what was holding me back in my life. It made me become more self aware of certain behaviours I had due to things that happened in my childhood, and I discovered I was holding on to a lot of anger that I didn’t even realise was there. Mind Detox helped me tune into my inner voice more and follow my intuition instead of my head all the time, and I learned to value myself more and really treat myself better. I feel lighter, like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can now move on with my life knowing that I can let go of things that are not serving me anymore. My biggest shift was knowing to hold onto the good parts of the lessons I learnt growing up and leave the bad stuff behind.

Before my Mind Detox session with Heidi I was feeling a little discomfort with the person I was, in my body, in my relationships. I didn’t have the confidence to allow my truth to shine and so I felt stuck and lost.
Moving through the process I was able to reconnect with the truth and honesty behind who I am as a human. I reconnected with my purpose and allowed myself to listen to the truth rather than to the ‘mean girl’ voice in my head. I felt calmer and more at peace and trusting that I was exactly where I needed to be in that moment. I felt a deep sense of gratitude for all the beauty and love I have in my life.

Heidi, you are beautiful, wise, intelligent and humble. How lucky I am to have crossed paths with you! Keep being you, keep shining bright and thank you for all that you have shared and given to me <3

Wow, what an incredible experience. This mornings Mind Detox session absolutely blew me away. It helped me gain clarity around issues I have been struggling with my whole life and showed me a new way of looking at things that is going to have such a massive impact on my close relationships and the way I show up in the world. Thank you so much Heidi, your ability to hold space for healing and transformation never ceases to amaze me. If you want to let go of something that’s been holding you back, book in for a session with Heidi ASAP.

My Mind Detox session with Heidi blew my mind. I didn’t want our time together to end! Heidi’s warmth and caring nature shines through and I felt so comfortable with her. I was able to let go and make sense of things that had been plaguing me for such a long time. I feel so much lighter and brighter! I would recommend EVERYONE do a session!

Thank you so much Heidi xxx

I was recently lucky enough to experience a Mind Detox session with Heidi and it was such a mindful, thought provoking and releasing experience, where I could let go of negative energies and memories and confront any past hurts head on with love, clarity and positivity. I still use the techniques she taught me and it was such a calming and beautiful way to let things go. My experience was something I will never forget.

My session with Heidi was something to remember, I can’t wait for my next one! 

I hadn’t heard of the Mind Detox practice before, the process was amazing as it really helped to bring up old beliefs and hone in on specific memories to let go of the belief or pattern I had been holding on to – I had some deep pattern problems I had to resolve. Heidi’s energy was beautiful and kind, I felt so comfortable during our time – which is so important as you dig really deep in to true raw emotions during the process. I’ve felt lighter since our session together and feel like I have let go of the patterns I had continually repeated for over 6 years – I know I have the POWER!

I have never done anything like Mind Detox before and so was feeling quite apprehensive about what the process would involve. Heidi has such a reassuring manner, I instantly felt that she truly understood what I wanted to work on, and she guided me through the whole process beautifully.

I felt completely safe and supported from start to finish. I left the session feeling like emotional baggage I had been carrying around for years was cleared and felt my feelings and fears were put into a clear focus and perspective. Working with Heidi helped me realise that I had all the answers within me all along, I just needed someone astute and compassionate enough to help bring them to light.

She is truly such a gem!


I absolutely loved my session with Heidi! Not only was she considerate and thoughtful throughout the entire process, I found it so incredibly easy to speak my mind. She has an amazing approach to mind detox therapy and left me feeling incredible after my session. I can’t wait to chat with her again!


Working with Heidi was a beautiful experience. It was emotional, powerful and freeing.

I was able to realise and release old limiting thought patterns and memories that no longer serve me. I felt completely safe and supported throughout my session. I can’t recommend Heidi highly enough and will definitely be adding her Mind Detox Sessions to my go-to self care list. A truly inspiring and empowering coach.

Through my Mind Detox session with Heidi, I was able to let go of feelings of fear, worry and insecurity that I have been holding onto since I was 7 years old. It was amazing to see how they had been affecting me throughout my whole life, and holding me back at times. I was able to work on one of my deepest issues and trusted Heidi completely. She was beautiful, calm and positive to work with, making me feel relaxed, and she inspired me to dig deep and trust the process.

Since our session, my confidence and relationships are more positive and centred, and I have been able to easily and gently let go of old thought patterns that have popped up. I felt like I was floating, glowing and happy all at the same time after our session, and I’ve been feeling calm, centred and peaceful ever since. Thank you Heidi for such an incredible and transformational session, I am deeply grateful for your work!

psych – k

Heids is my ‘go to’ when I have internal blocks I need to shift and areas of my life that feel ‘stuck’ or ‘off’. I am constantly in awe of her ability to intuit what’s really going on underneath the surface and guide me through a process of healing and reconfiguring my subconscious mind. PSYCH-K is the most incredible process and Heidi is the perfect practitioner. I can go from feeling totally flat and uninspired to being deeply rooted in the knowledge that anything is possible. As a coach it’s so important for me to maintain and protect my energy and these sessions always transform my mood and elevate my vibe so I can serve my clients on the highest level and do what I came here to do. So freaking grateful. x

I loved the PSYCH-K process that we did together, it was good to release my fears and know that I can trust myself. Before our session I was feeling the fear of putting myself out there. I felt like I wasn’t fully showing up as myself online as I was worried about what others would think of me. I realised that I shouldn’t worry about what others think, and I also gained more confidence as a coach, trusting that I know what to say/do. I now believe that I am using my voice as a positive influence on others and I shouldn’t feel like it’s bad to share it. Every session I have had with you has been amazing! Your presence is calming and always puts me at ease.