Indigo sedates the mind and calms the body, allowing us to ease into a deep state of relaxation. Indigo’s cooling and analgesic effect brings relief to pain and inflammations of the body.

General: Cooling, astringent
Physical: Healing to the chest; lung disorders; bronchitis; migraines; sinus disorders; chicken pox; pain; varicose veins; diarrhoea; swellings; boils; measles; ulcers; shingles; rashes; fever; rheumatism; arthritis; eczema; wounds; pneumonia; convulsions; eyes; ears; nose; cataracts; ruptured eardrum; shoulder tension; angina pain; painful joints; purifies the blood; anaesthetic; activates the spleen; builds white blood cells; strengthens the lymph system
Emotional: Releases fears; encourages a loving nature; emotional control
Intellectual: Calms the mind; eases insomnia
Spiritual: Protects the aura; creativity; inspiration; meditation; intuition; following one’s destiny