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How to Update Your Pool with Modern Features

A swimming pool is a luxurious addition to your home and this is where you can exercise, relax and have social gatherings. But styles and technologies change over time and the pool can start to look outdated. In order to improve the functionality, safety, and appeal of the pool, you can update it with modern features.

You can start by updating your pool equipment.

You can use modern and energy efficient systems so that you can save money on utility bills. This will reduce the environmental footprint as well. You can have the single-speed pump replaced with a variable-speed pump so that they use less energy. You can adjust the speed of the pump based on the requirements of your pool. You can find out more info when you read blogs and video tutorials on pool updates. LED lighting is another way to add energy efficiency to the pool. These have a longer lifespan and there are so many colours to choose from so that you can change the moods and effects. You can enjoy a heated pool when you install a solar pool heater. This is an eco-friendly way of extending the swimming season. You will use the pool a lot more with this change.

The surface of the pool has a big impact on its longevity and appearance.

You can choose modern materials to increase durability. You can find pebble finishes that are durable and this will give a natural, attractive look to the pool as well. You can find these pebble finishes in different colours and textures so you can choose something that suits the landscape and the pool aesthetics. There are aggregate finishes where you can find blends of glass beads, pebbles and stones for a high-end appearance. These are also slip resistant. There are so many tile and mosaic designs to choose from as well. You need to look at the pool deck as well and look for ways to improve its safety, comfort, and aesthetics. You can use stamped concrete for the deck so that it can resemble materials like brick or stone. This can be done at a lower cost. Pavers can also be used and they come in different colours and styles. The benefit of this is that pavers can be replaced if they are damaged. You can use composite decking for a sleek look as well and it is low maintenance.

Smart technology can make it much easier to manage your pool.

You can look into automated pool systems where different aspects of the pool can be controlled from the smartphone or tablet. This will include lighting, heating, and filtration. Cleaning the pool no longer has to be a chore as you can use modern robotic cleaners for this. They are very efficient and they can also navigate around any obstacles in their way. There are automated pool covers that you can control remotely so that the safety of the pool can be improved. It will reduce evaporation of pool water and most importantly, keep debris out of your pool.