Blue brings out the qualities of loyalty, encouraging us to be honest and reliable. It frees our expression and inspires the flow of creativity.

General: Calming; eases pain; cooling; antiseptic; sedative
Physical: Healing for inflammation; stomach ulcers; incontinence; pain; headaches; migraines; asthma; itching; teething in children; ear infections; sore throat; fever; arthritis; rheumatism; bruising; stings; rashes; diarrhoea; infections; burns; haemorrhage; herpes; warts; respiratory system; asthma; epilepsy; goitre; mastitis; palpitations; jaundice; enlarged prostate; slows metabolism; to lower high blood pressure; relaxing; balances the thyroid; calms flushed skin; stops bleeding; is antibacterial
Emotional: Treats tension and stress; relaxing; soothing; encourages loyalty; nurturing; encourages emotional expression; peace; empathy; supportive
Intellectual: Relaxing; treats insomnia; brings clarity; encourages truth; reliability; communication; calming; teaching; expression; a sensitive nature; open minded
Spiritual: Brings creativity; inner peace; spiritual communication and expression; awakens intuition; inspiration; spiritual devotion