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All-on-4 vs. Traditional Dentures

There are many options you can consider when it comes to restoring your smile after significant tooth loss. In this article, we will focus on traditional dentures and all-on-4 dental implants. There are pros and cons to each option and you need to understand these methods to make an informed decision.

Traditional dentures are removable prosthetic devices and they can replace missing teeth.

There are complete dentures where all teeth in yourlower or upper jaw will be replaced. Partial dentures will replace some teeth and they will be anchored by your remaining teeth. These dentures are made from acrylic resin generally. In some situations, there will be a combination of metals as well to increase strength. The QLD all-on-4 dental implants use four strategically placed implants and these are actually fixed unlike traditional dentures so they don’t need to be removed. The implants are generally made from titanium and this will fuse with the jawbone creating a stable and permanentfoundation for prosthetic teeth. Traditional dentures rest on the gums and there will be an adhesive or suction to keep them in place. This is sufficient for most daily activities but they have a tendency to move or slip when you eat and speak. Your basic chewing function is restored by dentures but they will not have the same biting power of your natural teeth. This can limit your diet somewhat.

When it comes to all-on-4 dental implants,

These are directly anchored in your jawbone so that they give more stability. They will be fixed in place so you don’t have to worry about them moving or slipping. As the same biting power as natural teeth is provided with the dental implants, you will be able to enjoy a more varied diet. Modern dentures are quite natural but sometimes they will not perfectly match the aesthetics of your natural teeth. And with time, the jawbone will resorb and this can cause the dentures to become loose which can affect the appearance. While dentures can feel bulky initially, you will get used to it. But they need to be removed and cleaned daily which can be inconvenient for some people. But with all-on-4 dental implants, these will match the natural teeth of the patient when it comes to colour, size and shape. The fit and appearance of the teeth will not change with time. Implants also feel more like natural teeth as they are anchored in the bone. You don’t need to remove them to clean and they will not lead to sore gums.

There is a lower upfront cost to traditional dentures compared to all-on-4 dental implants.

But they need to be adjusted periodically and you may need replacements as well which can add to the cost. You have to consider the cost for maintenance and replacement of dentures. There is a higher initial investment for all-on-4 dental implants as there is a cost for surgery and the materials used. With proper care, they can last a lifetime. Also, dentures don’t stimulate the jawbone so it can lead to bone resorption over time changing the shape of your face. But the all-on-4 dental implants will stimulate the jawbone so that bone density can be maintained.